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Welcome to UnmeteredEthernet

Apartment Building / MDU Solutions

Service Provider Managed Network Equipment in Your Building

UnmeteredEthernet negotiates (to our standards) Dedicated Connection(s) between your location and our partner's equipment for routing your data to the public Internet ; service standards & specifications superior to what's usually delivered by consumer ISPs.
Not Your Average ISP

Husky 10

Per Month

  • New Install$100
  • Transfer ISPs$50
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Lion 50

Per Month

  • New Install$100
  • Transfer ISPs$50
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Leopard 100

Per Month

  • New Install$100
  • Transfer ISPs$50
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Dolphin 300

Per Month

  • New Install$100
  • Transfer ISPs$50
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Falcon 1000

Per Month

  • New Install$100
  • Transfer ISPs$50
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2 Usable IPv4s

/30 Subnet



4 Usable IPv4s

/29 Subnet



14 Usable IPv4s

/28 Subnet

Easy Options : Static IPs & More
( No other special recurring fees ; these are 'optional' )

For greater savings please change "Billing Cycle".
Static IPs assigned as a Subnet to L2TP Account
All inbound and outbound TCP & UDP ports / services unfiltered by L2TP only** ; L2TP Account : 0/mo
** When device(s) are directly connected to the ethernet outlet they receive an ICMP/ping filtered NAT-routed internal IP via DHCP. Static routed subnet(s) via L2TP account(s).

What to Expect

From Your UNMETERED.IO Connection

Dedicated vs. Shared

Dedicated Link(s) to Your Location

Utilizing pre-existing copper wiring between the telco room and your suite in buildings connected to our autonomous networks.

Consistent Performance by Design

Scalable regional partners provision uplink and last-mile cross-connect capacity to serve peak volume without hinderance, period * * If there is congestion, please notify our network team through any of the support methods for further investigation and remediation. Free congestion-related connection-type transfers!

No Transfer Limit

UNMETERED GBs per Month means... Watch Videos, Play Online, Download Music and Upload Documents as much as you like. Even Off-Site Record CCTV! For us, this will never change : principles & value by name.

Unfiltered Ports

Host a server in your own home! Many ISPs will block ports. UNMETERED.IO does NOT!
  •   Websites (80,443)
  •   FTP (21)
  •   Mail Servers SMTP,POP3 (25,110)
  •   IRC Servers (6667)
  •   Microsoft SQL Servers (1433-1434)

No Cancellation Penalty*

Want to be with your service provider, rather than be obligated to stay with anybody. UNMETERED.IO's commitment to freedom!
* Only UnmeteredFiber Enterprise Services Have Term Agreements / Contracts.
All services eligible for credit regardless service level agreement (SLA).

Hassle-Free Honourable Billing

As a significant-debt free transnational service organization ... We're focused on serving you as a member of our family, not another line item on an 'investor & shareholder balance sheet' : How It Should Be!
Clear and simple billing policies applied by considerate administrators.
What more could you need? Please don't hesitate to ask.

What About Support

Who's Looking After My UNMETERED.IO Connection

UNMETERED.Global displays systems and services status across all regions ; specific connection details & status are available in your UNMETERED.IO ClientArea service package. Regional partners are contracted to maintain our very specific standards : please let management know if anything is amiss.
UNMETERED.Tech provides technical support to home and business clients. All our techs are experienced and friendly professionals based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Tasked with providing you cost-effective and efficient solution(s) to all of your technology problems. 100% money back guarantee on home subscriptions if your problem(s) aren't resolved.

$60 or $120 One-Time Fix

A remote technical support service operated by Canadians to solve your technology related issue(s) via TeamViewer & Telephone.

$150/mo Business Subscription

Expert phone and TeamViewer support for up to five (5) computers, tablets, smartphones or other devices.

$75/mo Residential Subscription

Expert phone and TeamViewer support for up to three (3) computers, tablets, smartphones or other devices.
UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse systematically manages services for members while partners autonomously monitor and maintain operations for optimal efficiency. Everything generally works without technical assistance (service usage instructions are available from ClientArea) but in the event you need help, customer service will aide with management functions and inquiries. For assistance more complex than basic account setup, please consider UNMETERED.Tech.
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